Future Plans at CherryHill Living

What’s on the Drawing Board for the future of CherryHill Living?

We’re expanding into all four Seasons!

New Four Season lots in light grey on the map in the “The Hill” and “The Garden”. 

Cherry Hill is in the midst of the newest phase of development which is the construction of the new four season lots. Forty One new sites are being developed complete with full, all-season services, mature treed lots, creek views and solid wooden platforms for permanently parking your RV. Reserve your lot now for 2018 in two beautiful Woodland areas – “The Hill” and “The Garden” (pictured in the map on the left).

For more pictures and information see the 12 Month page of the website or contact Harry and Joan Fehr


Now you can order winterized Park Models through CherryHill Living!

Winterized Park Models are now on the market that are 12 feet wide and available with 6 inch thick walls. They also have reinforced roofs that are able to hold up to the Manitoba snow-load.  Great for staying warm through the winter months. 

The Black Diamond 150 Park Model developed by General Coach. Contact CherryHill to discuss options for your next Park Model.

New park model designs are available to order through Cherry Hill Living, like the Black Diamond Edition pictured to the left that is designed by General Coach out of Ontario.

The traditional Huron Ridge line and the rustic Cabin Series are also available through custom order with Cherry Hill Living. 

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