Harry’s Bar and Clubhouse

A clubhouse/community centre is located inside the barn (Harry’s Bar) for the use of the park community and their friends and family.

A pool table, dart board, TVs with sports channels and other programs, ample tables and chairs provide for fun gatherings or individual entertainment.

As Cherry Hill grows, we are expecting to add more services to enhance the clubhouse options.

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The barn was built in 1945 by Mr. Henry Wiens and a group of local expert barn builders (Kornelsons from Ridgewood), using indigenous trees and their onsite sawmill. They did an amazing job being as the barn is still standing, while most of the barns that age are collapsing and falling apart. They designed and built the roof in a way that as it aged, it never sagged and so withstood the test of time. It was built on a gravel ridge so the foundation is still the original.

Slowly we started restoring the barn, replacing the upper floor with wide barn boards milled at a special one man sawmill because they were not manufactured anymore. The cow gutters were removed and fresh cement poured, wood burning pizza oven and barbeques were built. The locally famous mason, Ralph Krentz, freely offered his expertise in building the brick ovens. Both the bars and furnishings were purchased at auction from the former “Mother Tucker’s” restaurant and bar in the old Masonic Temple building in downtown Winnipeg. An old pool table was restored and is a feature of the barn.


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