Introducing the Park-model Concept

A Brilliant Choice for Affordable, Quality Living

Black Diamond Edition 150 with Rooftop Terrace

The attractive units are transportable and considered recreational vehicles, but designed for long-term or permanent placement at a destination, typically where an RV is allowed, and water, sewer and electrical connections are available.

Park-models feature modern architectural elements including cathedral ceilings, bay windows, hardwood floors or carpeting, and window treatments.  And you have the convenience of adding furnishings that are custom designed to compliment your Park-model design.

Park-models are growing in popularity for use as vacation units.

View the General Coach website for photos, floor-plans, brochures and specifications.

Cherry Hill offers a wide range of options for custom ordering in the following Park Models: Black Diamond Editions, Manor Series, Resort Series, Frontier Series and Deluxe Cabins. 

Dream about a simpler lifestyle and ask us for prices. We will set you up with a leased lot at Cherry Hill Living and help you create your custom designed Park Model home. Call Joan @ 204-346-3168.



“Black Diamonds Are Forever”: Modern Wow Meets Natural Wonder

CherryHill is about to get a whole lot shinier with the introduction of the new General Coach Black Diamonds. There has never been anything like these stunningly modern and inviting park models.

This is an entirely new concept and we’re thrilled to be one of the only resorts in North America who is offering the Black Diamond series to new owners.

Black Diamond models look as though they’ve been pulled from the pages of Architectural Digest Magazine and planted in the warmth and beauty of CherryHill. These revolutionary park models combine modern materials and design with an open-concept layout that creates an inviting balance of outdoor and indoor space.

When you add touches like clean white interiors, designer countertops, stainless steel appliances and the ability to add extras like an indoor/outdoor fireplace and a spacious rooftop deck, there’s no end to the surprises in store for you.

But the biggest surprise of all might be how affordable these properties are. Black Diamonds offer more than just smart design, they’re also a smart investment.

The BDE 550-2 is the first Black Diamond built and moved into Cherry Hill in early spring 2016.


Park Model Photo Gallery – Black Diamond Edition 150

Rooftop Terrace

Click on photos to enlarge. 



Park Model Photo Gallery – Black Diamond Edition 250

Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace and covered deck with 3 skylights

Click on photos to enlarge.



Park Model Photo Gallery – Black Diamond Edition 350

Outdoor fireplace and covered deck with 2 skylights

Click on photos to enlarge. 



Park Model Photo Gallery – Black Diamond Edition 450

2 bedroom with covered deck

Click on photos to enlarge. 


Park Model Photo Gallery – Black Diamond Edition 550

Peaked roof with 4 sliding doors and indoor/outdoor fireplace

Click on photos to enlarge. 



Park Model Photo Gallery – Black Diamond Edition 650

Click on photos to enlarge. 

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